Location Intelligence

What is Location Intelligence:

MapQuest first party consumer location data consists of over 30 million unique visitors’ keyword search, route search, route taken, POI visitation and mobile GPS data per month. Leverage this movement data to make smarter, more strategic business decisions about your offerings and operations.

MapQuest users must approve the use of their data by opting into the program, and all users’ data is anonymized to ensure the privacy of our loyal users.

How can I use location data?

  • Location-based data can help you better understand consumer movement, intent, and real world visitation.
  • Evaluate early indicators of brand, category, and industry change through predictive analytics and anomaly detection founded in location intelligence.
  • Pinpoint your next store placement by understanding heavy traffic areas at peak times, competitor visitation and the dynamics of each market based on how and where consumers move.

Key features:

  • Mobile GPS observation data includes time/date stamp, highly accurate latitude & longitude, speed, bearing, horizontal accuracy and more.
  • Access to web data across desktop, tablet, and mobile web including IP address, keyword search, route start and end, and waypoints along the journey.
  • Hundreds of location-based audience and market segments based on real world visitation.
  • Data delivery cadence can be customized to meet your needs - including near real-time, daily, monthly, or at your whim via our APIs.
  • Confidence in full opt-in consumer compliance from the MapQuest first party dataset.

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