Mobile Navigation SDK

What is the Mobile Navigation SDK?

A start-to-finish, Mobile Navigation SDK that provides smart guidance tips on the fly, while avoiding the hassle of switching between apps. Powered by high-quality licensed data, our Mobile Navigation SDK is completely customizable within your host application and allows you to keep your data FOR FREE*. Want to visualize the entire expanse of your assets? You got it!


Keep your brand top of mind

Ditch the brand discombobulation and quit losing time shuffling between apps. Get your users to where they want to be, faster and safer, while keeping your app front and center.

Build meaningful experiences

Easily integrate the Mobile Navigation SDK with your own application, displaying it wherever you want it. Need your app to speak Spanish to compliment your end users’ native language? You got it! Customize to your heart’s desire.

Establish yourselves as an industry leader

Friendly and thoughtful guidance tips, in English or Spanish, will keep your users coming back for more.

Grow your business acumen

Grow your business intelligence by tracking your fleet data and visualize your assets alongside a dashboard of crucial analytics.

Stay happy while saving money

Trust us; your wallet will thank you. Our Mobile Navigation SDK is completely free of charge in exchange for a few things. Read on to learn more.

Contact us to find out how you can get access and receive the Mobile Navigation SDK for free. Yes, that’s right, a complete and easy-to-implement SDK FOR FREE*.

Access our Mobile Navigation SDK for Free

Our Mobile Navigation SDK is free of charge for the following APIs:

Complimentary APIs or SDKs that pair well with the Mobile Navigation SDK*:

*Standard transactional pricing will apply.

Key Features

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Let your co-pilot relax. The Mobile Navigation SDK provides step-by-step, voice guidance instructions for a stress-free ride.

Smart Traffic Rerouting

Who has time to sit in traffic because there’s a three-car pile up and never-ending gridlock? Re-route based on real-time traffic updates.

Directions List

Need a break from our voice guidance directions? A step-by-step list of your route can also be displayed.

Speed Limits

Never get pulled over again for not knowing the speed limit. Our Mobile Navigation SDK will kindly remind you if you’re going a little too fast in that hidden school zone or 10 miles over in a construction zone.

Language Support

Give your users navigation support in their preferred language. We’re proud to offer both US English and Spanish.

Multi-stop Routes

Keep your delivery teams on track and efficient with multi-stop routes with pause and resume functionality. Need a pit stop for a coffee? Go on and get that caffeine!

Map Style Customization

Customize to your brand’s look and feel with our easy-to-implement, open source, drop-in user interface.

Visualization Dashboard

Track your assets and know exactly where they are located in real-time. See your fleet come to life, near and far.

iPhone with Navigation SDK

We’re eager to share our highly customizable and easy-to-integrate Mobile Navigation SDK with you. Sign up for an account now.

DISCLAIMER: If you agree to provide MapQuest access to your location data (speeds, location observations and routes), our Mobile Navigation SDK is free of charge for the following APIs: Directions, Guidance and Traffic. No matter which pricing plan you are enrolled in, choose to either opt in or out of data sharing. Standard transactional pricing will be applied for opting out of data sharing. See our updates T&Cs to learn more on our Mobile Navigation SDK data sharing use cases.