MapQuest Traffic API

What is the Traffic API?

The Traffic API allows you to easily retrieve and display traffic flow and incidents for a given map area, including construction zones.

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What it can do for you

Route Knowledge

Let your users alter and choose routes based on current traffic conditions.

Keep Drivers in the Know

Quickly and easily retrieve and display traffic flow and incidents on a given map area.

Key Features

Traffic Overlay

Retrieve a transparent raster image of color-coded traffic flow to overlay on top of the road network to provide a color-coded visualization of current traffic speed conditions.

Incidents by Type

Filter incident by type (e.g. "Construction"), and receive type and location details, along with the appropriate icons.

Multiple Markets

Receive a list of our markets which have Traffic available with a simple call.

How it Looks

  "incidents": [
      "fullDesc": "One lane closed due to maintenance work on California Street Eastbound between 18th Street and 19th Street.",
      "lng": -104.9886,
      "severity": 2,
      "shortDesc": "California Street E/B : Lane closed between 18th Street and 19th Street ",
      "endTime": "2013-08-02T01:59:00",
      "type": 1,
      "id": "330627538",
      "startTime": "2013-02-04T19:00:00",
      "impacting": true,
      "tmcs": [],
      "eventCode": 0,
      "iconURL": "",
      "lat": 39.7481
  "mqURL": "",
  "info": {
    "copyright": {
      "text": "2017 MapQuest, Inc.",
      "imageUrl": "",
      "imageAltText": "2017 MapQuest, Inc."
    "statuscode": 0,
    "messages": []

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