Data Manager API

What is the Data Manager API?

With MapQuest’s Data Manager API, store and manipulate custom datasets in a spatially-aware database all residing on MapQuest servers.

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What it can do for you

Save Time and Energy

Data is easily accessible by other MapQuest APIs – no need to worry about finding a host for data. You can easily incorporate Data Manager calls into your backend systems without the need for a GUI. We’re all about cutting unnecessary extra steps.

Provide Advanced Security Measures

We offer a variety of security measures to ensure that your custom datasets are private and protected – unless of course you want to share your data with other developers. Just think of us as your Superman vigilante!

Key Features

Hosted By Us

Data tables are hosted in a spatially-aware database that lives on our servers, not on some other guy’s!

Spatially Aware

Supports the upload of point, line, and polygon features, which is great for performing spatial operations, such as those available through the MapQuest Search API. Limited queries are also supported.

Always Up-To-Date

Easily create, upload, edit and delete records when needed. Data Manager is always in sync with the latest and greatest version of your custom dataset.

Multiple File Upload Options

Accepts bulk data uploads in the form of CSV, KML, or zipped Shapefiles, and coordinates can be passed directly into Data Manager as part of the request.

Advanced Security Settings

Make your tables public, private or even protect individual fields. Share or hide what you want, on your own terms.

How it Looks

    "tableName": "...",
    "friendlyName": "...",
    "notes": "...",
    "owner": "...",
    "isPublic": "...",
    "totalRows": "...",
        "name": "...",
        "type": "...",
        "isPublic": "..."

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