Leaflet Plugins

What are Leaflet Plugins?

The best parts of MapQuest on one of the most popular open-source, JavaScript mapping libraries in the world.

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What it can do for you

Mix & Match

MapQuest’s plugins play well within Leaflet’s library, allowing you to combine and create an experience that’s as unique as your application.

Manage your Territories

Store specific sales territories for easy access and visibility.

Combinations a’plenty

Combine Data Manager API with Search API to create a seamless experience to help users find and navigate to stored locations.

Extensive Library

Create visualization tools, marker clustering, charts, graphs, spider plots, and so much more.

Plugins Offered:


Easily integrate our popular street, satellite, and hybrid map tiles into any application using Leaflet.


Use the plugin to call and request our geocoding service, parses the response and place the result on the map. All without touching our Web Service.


We take care of the heavy lifting by sending requests to our Directions API, parses the response and adds the route to a map.


Add traffic incidents, construction and traffic flow to your maps with just a few lines of code.

Mobile Web

Leaflet is optimized for modern browsers both on desktop and mobile.

How it Looks

var mapLayer = MQ.mapLayer(), map;

map = L.map('map', {
  layers: mapLayer,
  center: [ 40.731701, -73.993411 ],
  zoom: 12

  'Map': mapLayer,
  'Hybrid': MQ.hybridLayer(),
  'Satellite': MQ.satelliteLayer(),
  'Dark': MQ.darkLayer(),
  'Light': MQ.lightLayer()

Try it before you buy it. See our APIs in action and get a better understanding of what they can do for you.

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