Static Map API

What is the Static Map API?

The Static Map API enables you to create, configure, and return a map image that can include custom POI icons, routes, traffic data or polygons.

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What it does

Location, Location, Location

Highlight your retail location at a glance.

Easy Peasy

Add static maps to your page without writing or embedding code.


Street, aerial or hybrid maps -- you choose!

Key Features:

Detailed Maps

Embed a printer-friendly map image that can include custom icons, routes, and more by specifying through a query-string parameter.

Multiple Map Types

The Static Map API supports street, aerial and hybrid maps, just like and our Leaflet Plugin.


Combine Static Maps with Directions API to automatically retrieve and highlight routes with a simple pass of a sessionID.

Custom POI Icons

Choose from our library of custom icons, or provide a URL for your own custom icon.

Declutter Overlapping POIs

Choose to automatically or manually declutter overlapping POIs for a neat, clean look.

Shape Support

Create custom polylines, polygons, and ellipses, with specific colors and fills to highlight an area or route.

Single-line Addresses

Get a static map showing your location with a single-line address -- no latitude or longitude required.

How it Looks

iPhone with Map,400&zoom=13&center=47.6062,-122.3321

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